2009-06-26 Friday

Avery is out of town today, so I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on a whole lot of errands I’ve been putting off.  I dropped a bike off, my furs are in for storage/repair, my car tires have been checked, the parts are ordered for my car, I’ve picked up chocolate chip bagels and when the timer rings I’ll head to Uptown to pick up a bike.  Last night I set my yard as a Geocaching.com Event Cache, I sure hope it gets approved today.  I really should have done that earlier this week.  There’s something I’m not talking about.  So, in a few days, when you’re surprised, don’t be.  The Rans F5 Pro to Wayzata:  68 minutes, 12.92 miles, 11.3 mph, HR=120.  There’s a bit of a learning curve with this bike.  Some seat adjustments were made when we got home that I’m sure are going to make the next ride even better!  I do have a gear shaped bruise and some bloody spots on my left leg, so I can’t say the first ride was without minor incident.  In case you’re wondering, this isn’t it.