2009-07-07 Tuesday

I let Gracie drag her leash around the yard this morning.  Hanna scared up the Heron.  When Gracie made a move toward the beach, I said; “Gracie Careful” and she stopped in her tracks, turned around and came to me.  So, later this morning, I figured I could let her off the leash completely.  Wrong!  She chased a squirrel into the woods.  I chased her.  Not one of my more brilliant ideas.  There’s barbed wire and all sorts of nasty stuff in that tall grass.  I must have gotten into some sort of weed that I reacted to.  My legs got all bubbly and itched like crazy.  Gracie does not come when she’s called.  We’ve GOT to work on that!  But, when I got close to her, she did sit on command.  We’ve been working on that.  Once I got the dogs in the house, I stood in the tub and scrubbed my legs, then applied Vani-Cream mixed with Benadryl.  I put on a fresh skirt and shoes just in case there was sap or something on what I had been wearing.  I seem to have suffered no long term ill effects!  I have ordered a long cable and a whistle.  I will be working with Gracie on coming when she’s called!  The woods are going to be an issue.  The Trainer and I discussed adding a few more flags as well as working with Gracie on a leash in that area.  I’ve got my own car back!  We had dinner with John and Diane at Spasso