2009-08-11 Tuesday

I had promised myself I wouldn’t even attempt to walk both dogs at the same time, but I really want to walk both dogs at the same time.  I’m listening to “Be the Pack Leader” by Cesar Millan and in this book he talks about putting a pack on a dog to give it a job and cause it to expend even more energy.  I have a dog pack.  I put it on Gracie.  She had no issues with it.  I packed it with two full water bottles and a collapsible bowl.  Mid point in our walk, we stopped to cool down and hydrate.  Worked great!  Hanna&Gracie-LuceLine West Out&Back:  82 minutes, 4.27 miles, 19:13/3.1, HR=103.  I had hoped the pack would distract Gracie enough that she would cross the Invisible Fence line, but it didn’t.  I had to load both dogs in the car and drive to the end of the driveway.  While this is a hassle, I must remind myself it’s a whole lot less hassle than if Gracie didn’t respect the Invisible Fence.