2009-10-13 Tuesday

Before today, I could not wrap my brain around the idea of sleeping in the back of a van.  Been there, done that and it’s not bad!  The first time we decided we just had to stop for a bit, we pulled off the freeway and stopped the truck at the first safe place we found and slept (kinda sorta) for most of an hour.  It’s amazing how much that helped.  The next time we stopped at a civilized Rest Stop and slept (kinda sorta) for about two hours.  We arrived at our destination sometime around 3 pm.  Unloading didn’t take long.  We checked into a motel (Super8 – don’t bother).  Got back in the van and headed out to Wakeman, OH where we enjoyed pizza with the Undertaker and his family at their funeral home.  Yeah, you read that right.