2010-07-20 Tuesday

I was standing on the scale watching two leggy brown creatures frolic on my lawn. And nibbling on our future christmas trees! A doe stepped out of the woods and I realized they were fawns! Avery was in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 last night. She woke up just once during the night. I got up at 6 to find her asleep in my bedroom chair and she didn’t get up until 7. We are well rested today! Walk around the Farm: 55 minutes, 3.02 miles, 18:12/3.1, HR=112. I actually fell asleep laying on a picnic table in the shade after my walk. Avery was barefoot when I picked her up because she steped in a cow pie and the teacher had to rinse out her socks and scrub her shoes. She’s selected some interesting outfits for camp. For a long time I couldn’t get her to wear the (purposely) mismatched socks, but now they are her favorites. Pulled up to her knees, under capri pants with bright green (her color choice) sandals. We’ve made a margarita pie to serve at the family reunion. Currently the Window Washer is hearing her life story.