2010-09-10 Friday

My first Friday without Avery! I went to the Marsh for Pilates as per usual. Took a few boxes of stuff to Goodwill. Got the Wagon’s coolant topped off. While I was waiting for my car to cool down enough for the mechanic to add the coolant, I spotted an X5M on the showroom floor. I went to investigate, as I’m thinking an X5 will be my next car. It was the wrong color, but I really liked most everything about it. Except the gas mileage – 12 mpg?!?!?! My Wagon gets over twice that. I spent quite some time going over the vehicle. There were three Salesmen less than ten feet from me. Not one said a word. Not one. Have car Salesmen learned nothing?!?!?! I’m guessing I spent almost 10 minutes going over that car. Opened three of the four doors and the hatch. Took all the paperwork out of the front window and carried it around the car, trying establish the “M” trim level and how much stuff the car had that I don’t consider necessary. What differed the “M” from a plain old X5. If they figured I didn’t look like I could afford that car – they are mistaken. Or stupid. I am very well pleased with the service I get from BMW of Minnetonka. I can’t say I’ll be buying my next car from them. Of course, that’s assuming Motorwerk’s Salesmen will treat me any better. Steve and I enjoyed a bowl of Chili for lunch at Harvest Moon. I emptied a cabinet in my laundry room that I’ve not seen the back of since I moved here in 1999. We had dinner at Maggie’s and walked around Wayzata a bit.