2010-11-05 Friday

I ordered a new BMW X535d. Silver! It will only have two things I don’t want and will be missing two things I did want. One of which was the brushed aluminum trim and the other I can’t remember right now, so it can’t be very important. These things were only available with packages that include a bunch of stuff I don’t want. Or, don’t want to pay for. My 540iT wagon is for sale, if you know anyone who might be interested. I met Steve for lunch. Spent the afternoon on the couch. I have a cold. The bottom of my right heel is doing that same electrical shock like thing that my left wrist does now and then. I first noticed it at Pilates on Wednesday, then stretching after weights on Thursday and again at Pilates this morning. Consensus at this point is a nerve is being pinched somewhere in my hamstrings or pelvis.