2010-12-29 Wednesday

I drove to Longville, MN today to attend my Sister-in-Law’s Mother’s funeral. I’m very glad I went! I thought I was a bit lost, so decided to stop for fuel and get my bearings, perhaps even ask for directions. As I’m opening the fuel door, a guy jumps out of his truck and hollers; “STOP! STOP! STOP!”. He was excited because I was putting diesel fuel in my car. I thanked him for his concern and explained that it was diesel fuel that I did indeed need. Note to family: Please don’t have the funeral director carry my ashes out of the church. That’s a job for someone who loves me! I don’t care if it’s proper or not, it’s my funeral and that’s how I want it. I now have >1100 miles on my BMW X5 xDrive 35d. I like the car and have no regrets about having purchased it. FWIW: I’m currently getting 25 mpg. I had Gracie on the treadmill tonight!!