2011-04-11 Monday

Gracie was in so much pain, I took her to the Emergency Vet about 1 am. It’s been a long and sleepless night for both of us. Gracie likely has herniated disc(s) in her neck. There’s a weird round shape below her chin on the X-ray, but they feel it’s unrelated. While they can see it, they can’t feel anything. We’ll worry about that later. Right now she’s on two kinds of pain killers and a muscle relaxant. There’s not much can be done right now but try and get her resting comfortably. Gracie seems to be finally resting. She appears comfortable. Drugged into a stupor is the reality. I’ll drop her X-rays and history off at Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital on my way to work so they can be prepared to see her first thing tomorrow morning. Gracie seems to be doing a bit better this evening. She walked out in the yard, laid down and enjoyed the beginning of sunset. She seems to have a bit more mobility in her neck. She’s not trembling like she was. The drugs are working!