2011-04-12 Tuesday

Gracie’s original Meds: Carprofen (generic Rimadyl) 75mg every 12 hours. Methocarbamol 500mg every 8 hours. TramadolHC 100mg every 8-12 hours. Gracie isn’t going to get better. Neither acupuncture nor chiropractic therapies are appropriate. She’s got a neurological deficit in her cervical spine. Down near her shoulder blades. This deficit is what’s causing the deterioration of her left front leg. She’s becoming more reliant on her right side. And that’s problematic because she’s got arthritis from old injury in that foot that didn’t heal properly. The constant shuffle between the two legs/feet is making things worse. She’s not a candidate for surgery. They showed me how to massage her left neck area in an attempt to keep that as loose as possible. We’ve taken her off the Methocarbamol because it’s not a muscle issue. We’ve also reduced the TramadolHC. She needs to be in enough pain to make her aware that too much movement only increases the deterioration of her spine. Eventually that left front leg will start to fail her. The Vet saw early evidence of that when he was analyzing her gait today.