2011-05-13 Friday

Pilates with Carol at the Marsh. A neighborhood meander: 50:22, 2.96 miles, 3.5 mph, HR=112. In trying to deal with my sadness over not having a dog that can walk with me, I decided to walk from the Marsh this morning. I figured it would be easier if I change my route. I decided to explore the unknown trail north of the Marsh rather than the usual trail just south. I ended up wandering a residential neighborhood, one that I could see myself living in. And, I’ve decided this just might be a good way to not only deal with the dog thing, but to explore neighborhoods I may be interested in. You can tell a lot more about a neighborhood when you’re walking it than you can just driving through. I met Steve for lunch at Harvest Moon. I had to spend the afternoon at home waiting on the Water Conditioning Guy. I took this opportunity to fill boxes with stuff for the church rummage sale. I now have very organized shoe cubbies! My t-shirt stacks are tidy. The pile of shoes is gone from my bathroom and in its place is a teddy bear on a stool to keep it from reappearing. Walking Works!