2011-06-21 Tuesday

Daisy doesn’t like thunderstorms either. I spent the wee hours of this morning trying to keep her calm. Gracie didn’t like them either, and she’s over it and Daisy will be over it too, eventually. I am allowing Daisy to run free in the yard while dragging a 30’ lead. I need to see her get corrected by the fence and do the right thing two or three times before I get rid of the lead. If that’s not happened by Friday’s training session, I’m going to rethink that requirement. Today while the dogs were playing in the yard Gracie ended up on her back with Daisy standing over her. I did not expect it to go that way. I am surprised Gracie turned belly up for Daisy. I expected it to go the other way. Daisy can play pretty rough. Rougher than Gracie can or should tolerate. So far Gracie has only bared her teeth and growled and if that doesn’t work, she retreats to the kennel. Daisy has hives? She’s now got access to more of the yard and planting areas. Is she allergic to something? Daisy went to the first of six obedience classes and did very well! Since Hanna’s been gone, Gracie will not eat unless I’m home. I thought Daisy might change that, but so far not.

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  1. AAWWW Poor Gracie 🙁 One of the reasons I couldnt keep Daisy with me is I have a 14 year old Minpin that Daisy was just to rough with. Im sure once she settles in she’ll be ok. I wondered about the t-storms this morning. A friend of mine that trains k-9 police dogs just got one of these thundersthirts for her Finn. She used it last night and she says it was 80% effectice for him. Maybe something to help Daisy. Not sure if it would be effective with fireworks too. Our old black lab(r.i.p) LOVED fireworks. Our biggest problem with her was she would try to catch them before they went off. Thanks for letting me keep up with Daisy progess here 🙂 Heres the link to the shirt. http://www.thundershirt.com/
    Thanks again, Jules

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