2011-10-28 Friday

Pilates and Small Group Weights at TheMarsh.  Renewed the plates on my X5 and Golf.  The lady at the DMV had to use a magnifying glass to read the paperwork as well as to find the curser on her computer screen.  I dropped a box off at FedEx that is destined for Fashionphile and another load of stuff at GoodWill.  Met Steve for lunch at Harvest Moon.  My Realtor brought over the paperwork for me to sign.  My house is officially for sale.  There will be no sign in the yard and no MLS. We removed the king size bed from the master bedroom, replacing it with the queen bed from the guest room.  The bunks from the other guest room will be separated and put in the main guest room.  I gathered all the king sized bedding and put that in the back of my X5.

1 thought on “2011-10-28 Friday

  1. I feel like I should tell my parents… they’re always talking about selling both the cabin and the Eden Prairie house and moving to Minnetonka…

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