2011-11-28 Monday

TechnoGym Wave:  55:02, 8.09 miles, HR=118.  My body is adapting to the TechnoGym Wave and I’m beginning to see a decline in average heart rate.  Daisy spent the morning in Doggy Day Care at Pampered Pooch Playground.  She did just fine!  While Pampered Pooch Playground is a really nice place, I still prefer Top Dog Country Club for boarding.  That being the case, it’s hard to justify driving to St. Louis Park for Day Care when Augusta is right in Wayzata.  Given today’s positive experience, I think Daisy can handle going to two different places.  I have to admit; I’m not sure who suffers more from separation anxiety, Daisy or me.  It was disturbingly quiet at home without her.