2012-04-24 Tuesday

I have 2.3 gb of .pdf and .doc documents relative to the sale of my old house and purchase of my new one.  2.3 gb!  While I wonder how many reams of paper it would take to print all that, I will never know.  There are 14 documents referenced on the Title Certificate of the house I’m intending to buy.  The Title Insurance Company has taken specific exception to every last one of them.  That’s more than there were on my old house!  My lawyer has ordered copies to be delivered to him and me by noon tomorrow.  This could make for interesting reading.

1 thought on “2012-04-24 Tuesday

  1. All you need to do is search the pdf for certain terms like “unknown” or “strange anomaly” or “bleeding walls” or “poltergeist”. 🙂

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