2012-05-16 Wednesday

Flooring progress has come to a halt, awaiting in floor heat material.  It’s going to be Monday before they get back to work.  The Media Specialist got the wiring squared away and I’ve rescheduled DirecTV installation.  The security system is up and running – via cellular!  This week’s CSA box contained eggs, asparagus, lettuce, rhubarb and onions.   I spent hours and hours today vacuuming, mopping and dusting.  The only good thing about not having Contractors in the house again until Monday is that I get to enjoy my clean(er) house through the weekend.  The Floyd Security Technician reported water dripping into his workspace from the ceiling above him.  Surprise!  I’m guessing it’s coming from the shower in the master bathroom.  Consulted Angie’s List for a “Grout Doctor”.