2012-06-05 Tuesday

I took Daisy to PupTown then came home.  I’ve got an hour to kill before my field trip to IMS with my Decorator.  I had hoped to do a bit of organizing, but there are Painters all over the place!  Every time I’ve tried to put something away, I find myself “dancing” with a Painter.  I’m not complaining!  There’s plenty to do in the kitchen/laundry.  Just when I was getting sick and tired of the overwhelming choices in couches, chairs, fabric, etc., I found the perfect couch!  And a pair of matching chairs, an ottoman and a rug!  I’m done.  Oh, wait.  I own 15 yards of a discontinued fabric that I fell in love with, it’s destined to cover “My” chair out in the sun room.  I haven’t decided on a chair yet, but there’s no hurry.