2012-11-28 Wednesday

I joined my gym’s “12 Days of Fitness” challenge.  The challenge is to take 12 classes between now and December 31.  This will indeed be a challenge as it’s going to end up being in addition to my regular schedule, since none of that is classes that count towards the challenge.  It’s looking like there’s going to be a good bit of yoga and meditation happening, since those seem to be the classes I can work into my schedule.  I’m also participating in the Therapeutic Writing Institute’s “Journal to the Self Online – Holiday Edition”.  In light of the time requirements of these two endeavors, there may be no homemade Christmas Cookies coming from my kitchen this year.  And, I expect that will be directly reflected at my scale come January 1!  I’ve also paid for a series of sessions with a Dietician, to begin after the holidays.  I shall start 2013 with increased self-awareness and confidence.  This is my gift to myself this holiday season.