2013-08-16 Friday

Despite the fact we walked around the neighborhood at 9:45 pm, Daisy wet her bed again last night.    Now, I’m worried.  The Vet was going to call me tomorrow to see how she was doing, I decided to call them today.  They didn’t have a specific appointment time open, but asked if I would leave her for the day and they would squeeze her in when possible.  I picked her up from daycare and dropped her off at the Vet and was only a little late in picking up Avery.  Turns out Daisy has all sorts of issues we need to understand.  She’s lost almost 4 pounds since August 1.  She’s got some sort of mite – not a contagious one, but one that comes with a compromised immune system.  And the incontinence.  They’ve ruled out a bladder infection.  First is an acupuncture treatment for the incontinence.  It’s not unusual for a dog Daisy’s age to become incontinent, because they were spayed too young.  I’m waiting on skin scrapings and blood work to determine what other action will be required.  Avery enjoyed her visit with my Dad.  Skin scrapings tell us Daisy doesn’t have mites.  Her itchy patches are likely a result of my cutting back on her allergy medication.  My bad!  Results of her blood work should be available tomorrow morning.  The half mile walk around the block is to be the extent of her exercise.  Her chow dish is a little fuller these days as she cannot afford to lose any more weight.  She’ll go back 2-3 times more for acupuncture.   She’s getting the Chinese herbal remedy Suo Quan Wan.  My mom drove down and rode with us to Tim’s and we enjoyed dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant near his house.