2013-08-17 Saturday

I made this morning’s puff pancake with coconut flour.  It turned out more like shortcake, didn’t puff at all.  Daisy’s blood work results:   All kidney function tests were normal, that’s the good news.  But, she’s not concentrating her urine.  I need to precisely measure her water intake for at least 48 hours.  Her phosphorus is low, as is her thyroid.  There’s nothing so urgent we need to do it today.  I made Maple Salmon and Asian Cole Slaw for dinner.  YUM!!!  I bought a head each of three kinds of cabbage – so I have three big mixing bowls of shredded cabbage.  I’ll be eating that all next week.  And, I’m OK with that.  I cooked four pieces of salmon and will shred the other three pieces for lunch this coming week.  It just might be good tossed in with the Asian Cole Slaw.


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