2013-08-20 Tuesday

Daisy was up all night with her itching, scratching, licking, chewing and panting.  I dropped her off at the Vet this morning.  One good thing; she’s not lost any more weight.  Earlier this morning I went to her cupboard and grabbed the bottle of prednisone.  Turns out that prescription was dated 08/10/12.  The previous one was dated 08/04/11.  Three years in a row now she’s had major skin issues the first weeks of August.  We’re going to go ahead and start her on the prednisone.  I’ll keep up with the Suo Quan Wan as well.  I’ve noted on my calendar that I should start her on Benadryl 08/01/14 in hopes of eliminating this issue next year.  The prednisone will make her drink more, which will stress her kidneys. But, at this point, I’ll gladly deal with a wet bed if it means she stops the itching and hair loss.