2013-09-01 Sunday

Uneventful Mass this morning.  Somehow, I got going too late and missed the start of the Rosary.  CrabbyNeighbor will now be referred to as NeighborBill!  He called this morning.  I answered my phone with much trepidation.  But!  He asked to borrow my yard waste cart, as his is full of acorns.  And, he wanted to let me know that now the two street lights near my property don’t work.  Coincidence that happened about the same time those wires finally got buried?  And, last night, half-way through dinner NeighborBill’s wife, Irma came out on the deck and hollered; “everything OK over there?”.  I gave her a thumbs up and she went back in the house.  I’m being carefully watched, and I appreciate that.