I have my cake, but I’m not eating it.

I think Mr.B enjoyed getting to know my friend GJ over dinner last night.  I won’t be sharing the banana orange layer cake recipe.  That was a lot of work with a marginal result.  Though the Guys were a good sport about it last night.  The frosting was way too runny and even though I thought I fixed that problem, the resulting frosting was so slippery the top layer kept sliding off the bottom. 

2 thoughts on “I have my cake, but I’m not eating it.

  1. Yes, Mr. B did in fact enjoy getting to know your friend GJ over dinner.  He thinks the cake was delicious – especially the next night at 10:30 with a few M & Ms thrown on.  The effort that went into making it and the willingness to try something new on the fly at the risk of creating a social faux pas is a wonderful part of the Matilda persona.  Mr. B also enjoyed sitting next to you last evening listening to a true virtuoso although there were parts during which he wondered “Is this music or simply the frenetic tapping of keys and pulling of organ stops?  Someone high on methamphetamine could perhaps do as well” – until the last piece on the piano – frantic, frenzied, unbelievably fast and furious – and beautiful.  Riding home, content in my quietness and you in yours – and happy to be so – thinking and feeling, “this one next to me – a augment to my completed chord” and hoping you felt that same.  Whole persons in our own rights who have found a harmony with the other that adds color and texture to our completeness.  I love you, my dear one.  Mr. B

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