2007-03-29 Thursday

Happiness tip from this morning’s “Be Happy Dammit” newsletter and Notsalmon.com :  They say money can’t buy happiness.  They is right—but only half right.  You can maybe snag some happiness if you buy “experiences” rather than things.  It’s like this…German scholar Stefan Klein—author of “The Science of Happiness”—says his research shows…“Things per se cannot bring you happiness at all. It is only the ‘experience’ of possessing something which can trigger the emotion of happiness.” Meaning?  When a new possession does trigger happiness, it is actually only triggering the “new experience” of having a new thing, like a new, bigger car, for example. It’s the experiencing of the newness of the car you’re feeling—not the object itself. Once the new car is NOT new to you anymore, the experience of owning this object fades, and so too will your happiness. The solution?  Invest more of your moola and time in experiences like vacations—dinners with loved ones—films – museum visits—strolls along the beach—sport activities—any/all events and happenings which will bring you long term happy memories!  Harvard University social psychologist Daniel Gilbert –NYTimes best selling author of “Stumbling on Happiness”—agrees. Gilbert pithily explains the happiness perks of happy experiences like this… “Goods tarnish over time. Experiences, on the other hand, can get better as you remember them—especially if you’re one of the many people who tend to embellish when remembering your past—which many people are!” * Saturday’s little surprise has been postponed until Sunday.  I must work Saturday.  I hope it rains. * The ice is out of my bay!  The Dock People just called to confirm details of my new configuration.