2008-04-24 Thursday

This morning Coco went down and couldn’t get up.  Twice I lifted her up to a sitting position, but she couldn’t hold it.  I took some video, then repositioned her legs to what seemed to me to be a more comfortable position and sat with her until eventually she could get up on her own.  The spells always start just after she eats.  Out of curiosity, I fed her different chow this morning.  I’ve never suspected the chow for two reasons:  1.  Both dogs get a 50/50 mix of Solid Gold’s Hund-n-Flocken which is lamb and rice and Solid Gold’s WolfKing which is bison and salmon.  2.  Hanna eats the same chow and has no symptoms.  Starting this evening, I’m going to feed Coco Solid Gold’s Turkey, Ocean Fish, Carrots & Sweet Potatoes Canned Dog Food.  I’m curious if not chewing something so crunchy as hard chow makes any difference.