2009-07-01 Wednesday

I forgot to wear my Gruve today!  Am I going to regret using UStreamTV with my Verizon MiFi?  Gracie joined our household this evening!  I’m not sure who is more confused, Gracie or Hanna.  If Hanna happens to get Gracie cornered, there’s a bit of half hearted snarling.  Gracie has taken a liking to a bunch of dried sweet potatoes on a rope that she found in Hanna’s toy box.  We’ve been taking Gracie out on a leash, walking the perimeter of the yard.  So far, so good.  Both dogs are obviously stressed – there’s much pacing and panting.  As much as it’s a hassle keeping Gracie on a leash until we can trust her on the Invisible Fence, I think that confinement will foster the bonding process.