2007-07-12 Thursday

I actually needed a blanket last night and I didn’t I need the fan, so I was able to hear the night sounds (loon, owl, train) I’ve been missing.  We enjoyed the Chaska Valley Family Theater’s production of “Tom Sawyer”.  You should go!  Click Here For Information.

1 thought on “2007-07-12 Thursday

  1. As illustrated by the attached photographs of an actual demonstration in progress, the National Association for Paranoid Adults (NAPA) has been lobbying political leaders to endorse helments for children any time they are in a conscious state.  Many children have been injured slightly since the dawn of time when they have fallen during play.  Hoping to keep America’s children safe from any and all traumas, NAPA is demanding legislation to end this serious problem.  Please write your representatives and senators today – tell them you support NAPA’s efforts on your childrens’ behalf.

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