2008-04-22 Tuesday

Coco was really bad this morning.  Once she steadied a bit, I took her out in the yard to take her last picture.  Walking around the yard with her, I lost my resolve.  I just can’t do it.  Not yet.  Coco doesn’t appear to be in any pain.  She twitches, her feet curl up, her legs slide out from under her, I don’t think she can see right, yet her tail is wagging the entire time if I’m with her.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t just lay down for a while.  This morning I stood at the upstairs landing and watched her stumble around the first floor.  She was crashing in to furniture.  It was like she was getting lost.  She went into the bathroom and it seemed like she couldn’t find her way out until I went down there and helped her.  She was sorta stuck there, with her head in the towel basket.  Wedging her head against something is one of the first things she does.  On a happier note; I drove the mCoupe today!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had an experience as humbling as today’s first flute lesson.  The flute goes back to the Deephaven house, but I don’t recall having taken lessons.  The fact that I could actually produce sound indicates I may have had a lesson or two, but I’m thinking high school band exposure to the flute could also account for that.  Just when I had given up on the Vet, he called.  He’s never encountered a presentation quite like Coco’s.  He would like to see a video of the episode.  I’ve changed the battery in my video camera and reacquainted myself with its use.  I am also awaiting a call from the Neurology Department at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center.  There are a gazillion ants on the sidewalk near the dog door!  Solution:  Torch & Ant Poison.  Yes, poison is out of dogs’ reach.

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