2008-05-06 Coco

It was a very rough night.  Every 90 minutes I was up cleaning up after Coco and changing her bedding.  That done, I would lay with her until she was settled at which point I crawled back in my own bed.  I doubt either of us got an hour of sleep.  She’s obviously uncomfortable.  Our appointment with the Vet isn’t until 5:45 this afternoon.  She seems to be done vomiting.  I don’t know how there could possibly be anything left in her stomach.  I’m giving her a bit of turkey dog or chicken and a tablespoon of the water every hour.  She’s exhausted, yet can’t seem to sleep.  Her eyes start to close and her head lowers to her legs, the arm of the couch, my legs and as soon as it rests she jerks it up and the process starts again.  She can still walk, though I haven’t a clue from where she’s getting the strength.