2014-01-06 Monday

Brrrrrr!  It’s been in the neighborhood of -2o all day today and my 2011 VW Golf TDi did not let me down.   Tonight, when I got home, I grabbed that big fat folder marked “File” out of my briefcase, took it down to the filing cabinet and filed that stuff.  Time to do the laundry!

2014-01-01 Wednesday

We slept in, had a late breakfast and spent the day in comfortable domesticity.  It was a delightful way to start the new year!  I’ve now got all the significant “C” family dates on my calendar, that’s a milestone.

2013-12-28 Saturday

Woodway TM @ Home:  1:39:47, 5.0 miles, 3.0 mph, HR=127.  First thing I did was blow a fuse or something adjusting the incline of the treadmill.  That issue has not been resolved; I unsuccessfully tried the breaker box, then switched to a different outlet.  I enjoyed the movie “The Magic of Belle Isle”.  I don’t like how the water runs down the outside dining room wall.  It did that last year as well.  I’ve turned on the Heat Tape to assist in clearning the flat roofs and I’ll turn that off again in a few hours.

2013-12-27 Friday

I picked Avery up at Amy’s workplace.  We stopped at Schuler Shoes in Wayzata where we found her a pair of black dress boots – a women’s size 5!  Avery and I spent some time visiting with my Dad.  We putzed around the house, watched a movie, played outside.  We met up with Amy at the Orpheum Theater where we enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera.  Steven is home!  I’m not sure who’s happier to see him, the dogs or me.